Thursday, June 21, 2012

Important code on the blogspot template

Posted by: Bloggertrik // 12:23 AM | Kategori: blogspot trick
Sometimes if you want to edit the template want to adjust with our desire, and at this time I share about some code that may be useful for you

Homepage blog link: data:blog.homepageUrl

Title of the blog: data:blog.title

Description of the blog: data:description

Date of post (Applicable at the posts page): data:post.dateHeader

Hour post: data:post.timestamp

Article Url: data:post.url

Title page post: data:blog.pageTitle

Url previous article: data: newerPageUrl

Previous Article Title: data: newerPageTitle

The next article url: data: olderPageUrl

The next article title: data: olderPageTitle

Label blog article: data: post.labels

Name of the blog author: data:

Most of the above code can only be applied in the template, but there are also applicable in this part of our blog posts
Important code on the blogspot template
Important code on the blogspot template Bloggertrik
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